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The story of our family firm begins almost a century ago...

Charles Brown begins production of ice cream, at that time in Rue des Eteules in the town of Enghien.


Charles Brown is joined by his son-in-law, Henri De Smet, and his wife Jane Brown.


It’s now the turn of the founder’s grandson, Joseph De Smet, to become part of the family business.


The workshop is moved to Rempart Saint Joseph.


The facilities move to Rue de l'Yser.


Last move, out of town in the Business Park Station.

The premises are completely fitted out to meet food safety standards.


Investment in a new extrusion line to produce all types of chocolate and other ice cream lollies.


Martine De Smet, Joseph De Smet’s daughter, takes over the management of the company.


Investment in a new production line to produce extruded products such as Neapolitan ice, ice cream-filled chocolates, and for other cornets and Gelofruits.


Martine De Smet’s son, David Decroix, takes up her position and redefines the company’s core business and its range of products.


Divestiture of our home service distribution network.

Creation of our new brand, Lageti, characterized by excellent value for money in the retail sector.


Creation of a new range of products containing a dash of alcohol (alcopops) and marketed under our Chiller-Ice brand.


Increase in storage capacity of liquid chocolate from 17 to 55 tons.


New dipping system equipped with a MASO pump, allowing inclusions in the chocolate up to 10mm in diameter.


New ice cream cornet filling head, allowing inclusions in the mix.


1. New Cobra-type ripple system which can be combined with inclusions in the mix.

2. Reinforcement of collaboration with the company VDB Frozen Food for the distribution of our products.


Our firm celebrates her 100 years of passion, creation and quality. For the occasion, she invites her employees, clients and suppliers to take this step together at a 100 year anniversary-party.

The “Etablissements De Smet” are taken over by the company “Rond Chene Invest”. David Decroix will be replaced by Baptiste de Fraipont as Managing Director.